GREEN BEANS SALAD Green beans are popular with green beans during the summer months

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These are tricks with which they will re-record as new!

In many homes cooked full steam and often after major culinary actions stays and rested the pots.

If you yourself have faced this kind of situation and do not manage to save your dishes from stuffed deposits, we have two great, tested tricks for your cookware to be branded as new.

What is best for these methods do not require any scraping, scratching and scrubbing, just like a special set of cleaning and degreasing agents. All you need is – one tablet for dishwasher or vinegar and water. Yes, that you have heard well!


This wild salad can serve as an additive, but it is also added to soups, risotto, pasta and as a supplement to savory sauces and spreads
Because of the texture, shape and taste that perfectly tolerate higher temperatures, the cold leaves of the ricolla can be put in a frit or risotto, add pasta or potato salad. You can use it as a decoration of a juicy delicacy, especially a beefsteak, but also a fish fillet.

This wild salad is good along with a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. You can put it in soups, meat and grill dishes from grill, add game dishes in combination with pine nuts. Create a ricotta hive, ideal for bruschette and salty crackers, and also as a pizza medley supplement. From it you can prepare various sauces, for example with cherry tomatoes, ground almonds, garlic, fish oil and olive oil that are great for fried meat fries.

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Sprinkle the cheese and chop the olives and ricola. Sprinkle pieces of chicken on oil and sprinkle with the prepared blend. Rice leaves are grateful for stuffing when preparing stuffed pasta, ravioli, folders and pancakes. It will fit well in filling for meat loaf and roast.

It is excellent in combination with mozzarella, tomatoes and ham, and often prepares a risotto with it. You can finish the green risotto with a ricollet with ham and dried tomatoes, and the perfect combination is a risotto with scrubs and ricola. Mix the foliage in sauces for pasta and gnocchi.